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Going through drug detox centers in Haverhill at home on your own can be extremely dangerous. The drug detox process can cause a variety of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms to emerge. Depending on the type of drug being taken and the length of use, some of the symptoms have the potential to be dangerous or even life-threatening.

What Is Drug Detox?

Drug detox is the term used when the effects of a drug are being eliminated from the body. If a person has been taking a particular substance consistently over a period of time and then stops use suddenly, it is likely that a range of symptoms associated with withdrawal could emerge.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Drug Detox?

The actual withdrawal symptoms associated with the drug detox process will vary widely depending on a range of factors. These include the length of use, the dosage being taken, the severity of the addiction, whether there is any poly-drug use present, and whether the person has any underlying mental or physical health issues that could make symptoms worse.

By comparison, a person undergoing medical detox from drug detox centers in Haverhill is not likely to experience many symptoms at all. The objective of medical assistance in a drug detox treatment facility is to provide recovering people with the correct prescription medications that can help reduce the severity of any withdrawal symptoms and make the entire detox process more comfortable overall.

Dangers of Detoxing at Home

Many people caught in the grip of drug addiction in Haverhill underestimate the severity of the drug detox process. In fact, it's common for most people to assume that someone who has become addicted to drugs simply needs to exert a bit of willpower and quit using by going ‘cold turkey'.

They assume the person will endure a couple of uncomfortable days of withdrawal before they'll be somehow miraculously cured of their addiction. However, detox only rids the body of the drug's effects. It does nothing to address the underlying triggers behind self-destructive behaviors associated with addictive substance use.

There is also the risk of developing dangerous withdrawal symptoms that could require emergency medical attention. Depending on the type of drug being taken, some people may experience severe symptoms, such as rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, or seizures.

It's also important to factor in the increased risk of relapse. A person who has tried to detox at home for a couple of days faces a significantly increased risk of returning to self-destructive patterns of behavior in an effort to make the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms stop.

Relapsing after a period of detox can dramatically increase the risk of accidental overdose. When the body has been given a chance to detox for a couple of days, the person's tolerance levels to the drug of addiction are reduced. If the person attempts to go back to former using habits and takes similar doses to those being taken prior to detox, the risk of overdose is increased.

The safest way to withdraw from any drug of addiction is to seek professional treatment in a drug detox treatment facility with proper medical supervision. Drug and alcohol rehabs in Haverhill also use certain types of therapy to address the psychological reasons behind dysfunctional behaviors and attitudes associated with substance abuse.

Who Should Enter a Drug Detox Center?

Anyone wanting to regain control over their lives and break free from the grip of addiction should seek proper treatment from drug detox centers in Haverhill. Despite the ready availability of addiction rehab treatment facilities right across the country, many people avoid seeking the treatment they need.

Some of those people believe they can't afford the financial cost of rehab treatments. Others worry that rehab therapies will try to change who they are as individuals. Still, others are concerned about being away from family or work commitments while they remain in an inpatient drug detox treatment facility.

The reality is that the drug detox process only works to eliminate the effects of the drug on the body. If the recovering person seeks treatment within an addiction treatment center, they're likely to have the advantage of medical supervision and prescription medications that can make the withdrawal process much easier to manage.

When the drug detox process is complete, specialized behavioral therapies and individual counseling sessions can begin to work on addressing self-destructive behaviors. A key element of counseling is helping each recovering person develop a strong relapse prevention strategy designed to help them avoid high-risk situations and triggers that could result in returning to former patterns of behavior. Call Haverhill Drug Rehab Centers now for help (978) 606-2108.

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